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Almost half of young Italians want to flee

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Youth unemployment in Italy is over 40 percent. Photo: AFP
08:43 CET+01:00
Italy's stagnant economy is driving its best talent overseas, with almost 50 percent of young Italians wanting to work abroad, according to a new report on Monday.

Forty-eight percent of young Italians are ready to go abroad, while some 46.5 percent of those who do stay end up working in an area different from what they studied, according to the report by the Toniolo Institute and the Cariplo Foundation.

With few job opportunites for young Italians and little sign of improvement, thousands have fled the country over the past few years, with Scandinavia, Germany and the UK being among the most popular destinations.

Many say they have no intention of coming back in the near future. READ MORE HERE - 'I would never return to Italy'

Meanwhile, 47 percent of those with jobs in Italy say their salary is too low, according to the report. Youth unemployment in Italy is over 40 percent.

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