Italy’s CEOs rake in up to €1,144 an hour

Italy's CEOs rake in up to €1,144 an hour
Italy's CEOs don't work for just small change. Photo: Nino Barbieri/Wikicommons
Businesses are closing down in their droves and thousands of people are out of work, but there is one faction of Italian society that seems to be defying the crisis: CEOs.

Italy’s top executives take home a pre-bonus salary of up to €1,144 per hour, according to figures released today by the Federation of European Employers.

Spanish CEOs earn slightly less, with a median base salary of €788 per hour, while that figure tops out at healthy €946 per hour.

By comparison, the base salaries of UK's top executives hit their maximum at €592 an hour, the figures show.

French CEO's meanwhile are at the foot of the table, collecting ‘only’ €545 an hour on average.

The study looks at median pay figures for 32 job positions in 47 different countries and territories in Europe but does not include bonuses or commissions.

Also excluded are the payment of 13th and 14th months, share options and travel allowances.

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