Italian skin doc slams cheeky mini-short craze

Italian skin doc slams cheeky mini-short craze
Serri says women seem to take pride in exhibiting their flaws. Photo: JudgeDredd76/Flickr
An Italian dermatologist has launched a scathing attack on women wearing "mini-shorts", saying the fashion "craze" exposes fat and cellulite, flaws that "seem to be exhibited with pride".

Riccarda Serri, a Milan-based dermatologist, told newspaper Articolo Tre that the tight shorts “expose every flaw” and warned they could even slow blood circulation.

She describes the mini-short craze as almost “sadistic”.

“They don’t see the slightest problem with strolling down the street, as if they’re exhibiting their imperfections with pride.”

She added that fans of the shorts even resort to surgeons in a bid to rid their legs of the cellulite curse.

“They think they can get rid of it with a magic wand,” she said.

“Instead, the fight against this imperfection must start with regular exercise, even just 15 minutes a day. There are treatments but the problem can’t be solved overnight.”

Many young women ask her for a miracle pill, especially before the summer, but a miracle cure “is impossible”, she said.

Instead, she advises ditching processed foods and exercising more. Adding extra virgin olive oil to your diet is also recommended.

“In addition, they need to limit their intake of alcohol; young people start drinking too early these days, even at the age of 14, when their body is not yet ready.”

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