Cannabis-laced 'Nugtella' hits the market

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The two brands look remarkably similar. Photo: Organicares/Instagram (L) PV KS/Flickr (R)
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Known around the world as "The original hazelnut spread", Italian brand Nutella has a new competitor on the market which offers an extra high.

California-based Organicares has come up with Nugtella, described by the company as a “medical marijuana hazelnut spread”.

Using cannabis for medical reasons is legal in the US state, prompting Organicares to create its new product “made from hash oil by patients for patients”.

But it remains unclear whether Ferrero - the Italian company behind Nutella, Kinder Surprise and Ferrero Rocher - has given the company permission to ride on the back of its sugary success.

When contacted by The Local the company was unavailable to comment on the Californian twist to their family-orientated spread.

Nugtella branding has a striking resemblance to Nutella, with the signature red and black logo and clear tubs with white lids. The Nugtella labels even carry an image of a knife covering a slice of bread, but with Nutella’s hazelnuts replaced with cannabis.

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Organicares uses its Instagram profile to tell customers of the many uses of Nugtella, such as a topping for brownies, a dip for cookies, or as part of an “amazing breakfast of champions”. The latter recommendation is remarkably similar to Ferrero’s own slogan, of Nutella being “part of a balanced breakfast”.

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