Brazilian murdered after alleged affair with boss

The boss of a pregnant Brazilian woman murdered in Lombardy was questioned by police in the early hours of today amid media reports the pair was having an affair.

Brazilian murdered after alleged affair with boss

Claudio Grigoletto, 32, a pilot instructor at the light aircraft company, Alpi Aviation do Brasil, in Gambara, was stopped by police at 3.00am, Corriere della Sera reported.

His lawyer, Elena Raimondi, told the newspaper he was stopped as part of a routine car check.

The development comes four days after 29-year-old Marilia Rodrigues Silva Martins was found dead in the company's office.

An autopsy on Monday revealed she had been strangled, although the mysterious circumstances of her death at first pointed to suicide.

She was found by the owner of the office block, Giacomo Conzadori, who was drawn to the building by a strong smell of gas.

A bottle of acid was found next to her body, while the office door had been locked from the inside, Corriere said.

The autopsy also revealed that Martins was four months pregnant.

While Grigoletto denies that he had anything to do with his employee’s death, Corriere suggested that the pair was having an affair.

Grigoletto is married with two children and the pair worked together at Alpi Aviation.

Martins had recently discovered she was pregnant, Corriere said.

With Martins’ boyfriend away in Abruzzo, Grigoletto was reportedly the last person to see her the day before her body was discovered.

Police spent the weekend interviewing Martins’ colleagues and friends, although nobody has yet been charged over the murder. 

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Italy records sharp rise in femicides over the past year

Murders of women in Italy increased by nearly 16 percent over the past year, with the vast majority committed by a partner or ex-partner.

Italy records sharp rise in femicides over the past year

Data from Italy’s interior ministry on Monday showed there were 125 femicides between 1 August 2021 and 31 July 2022, compared with 108 during the same period in the previous year.

Of that number, the vast majority of murders — 108 — were committed within the family sphere or an emotional context, while 68 murders, or 63 percent of the total, were committed by the victim’s partner or ex-partner, data showed.

There were a total of 319 murders in Italy in the period.

The numbers show that, on average, a woman is killed every three days in Italy.

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According to a November report by the European Institute for Gender Equality, Italy came in ninth out of 15 EU member states for the number of murders of women by intimate partners, based on 2018 data.

It came in tenth when looking at homicide committed by family members and relatives.

Womens’ rights campaigners say attitudes must change in Italy, where cases of violent crimes committed against women by their partners or ex-partners are often portrayed in the media as tragic stories of love gone sour, with the killers described as “jealous”.

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Almost 3.5 million women in Italy have been victims of stalking, according to data from national statistics agency Istat – but only 22 percent of those report the act or seek help.

Around one in three Italian women suffer abuse at some point in their life.

Femicide commonly refers to the killing of a girl or woman by a partner or family member.