Photo of the day: Italians set vegan panino ‘record’

Italy may be a notoriously difficult country for vegetarians and vegans but on Tuesday it was home to the largest vegan sandwich in the world, according to Italian media reports.

Photo of the day: Italians set vegan panino 'record'
The sandwich measured a whopping 4 metres by 50 cm. Photo: Universo Vegano

It may not yet be official, but Universo Vegano, the makers of a giant vegan sandwich measuring a whopping four metres, were sure to have clinched a world record on Tuesday. 

Passersby in Campo dei Fiori, central Rome, were then offered pieces of the sandwich, which was filled with chickpeas, wheat gluten, soy strips and lupini beans.

But the sandwich-makers weren’t just in it for the world record.

The giant sandwich was in fact prepared to coincide with the International Day of Non-Violence in honour of Mahatma Gandhi as well as International Vegetarian Week (October 1st-7th) and Mercoledi Veg (Vegetarian Wednesday), an awareness campaign organized by the Italian Anti-Vivisection League (LAV).

“Vegan food is both tasty and nutritional, with the undeniable advantage of not causing suffering to animals, to the environment and to our health,” Paola Seguirini from the LAV told Articolotre on Tuesday.

“Almost six out of ten Italians eat sandwiches out at least once a week: an easy and popular meal that can meet the nutritional requirements of all ages.”  

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