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Ten things that annoy Italians about the Brits

Ten things that annoy Italians about the Brits
Binge drinking, a favourite British passtime, is just one of the things that irritate Italians. Photo: Mr Glen/Flickr
In this week's The Local List, we put ourselves in the shoes of Italians left irked by British habits and traditions.

Thousands of Italians flee to Great Britain each year, usually in search of better job prospects.

As they settle, they mostly seem to find a warm affection for all things British, so much so, they make the UK their home.

But there are some things they just can’t grasp about the Brits and their habits, whether it’s their penchant for binge drinking or carpeted bathrooms.

We've spoken to some Italians living in London to draw up a list of the things that annoy them most about British culture. 

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