Wolf terrorizes residents in Liguria

Wolf terrorizes residents in Liguria
Photo: Arran ET/Flickr
A wolf, described as having "no fear of man", is continuing to terrorize people living in the Aveto valley, in the northern region of Liguria.

The carnivore has been lurking in the area for weeks, feeding off an average “two victims a week”, Articolo Tre reported.

Its latest victim was a lamb that was killed in the town of Casoni on Monday night. This follows the massacre of two goats, called Heidi and Snoopy, in September.

Three other goats were also mauled in Ertola while there have been countless traces of a wolf’s presence close to homes in the area.

But the biggest concern is that the wolf, or potentially pack of wolves, has no fear of human beings.

“It [they] not only approach the town at night, but also in broad daylight,” the newspaper reported.

Wolves are a protected species in Italy, with estimates of up to 800 living in the wild.  

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