Pensioner’s lost €175,000 returned in full

Pensioner's lost €175,000 returned in full
Photo: ImagesOfMoney/Flickr
A pensioner who lost an envelope stuffed with €175,000 after it was blown off the balcony of her home in Cassino, Lazio, has had the money returned to her without a euro missing, although she did have to give away 10 percent thanks to Italy's "honesty" law.

The envelope was found by a 53-year-old woman in the centre of Cassino while she was on an evening walk. The cash is thought to have blown off the pensioner’s balcony while she was cleaning.

“I didn’t hesitate to call the police,” the 53-year-old La Repubblica newspaper.

Being honest in Italy certainly pays off, as by law a person who finds and returns lost cash is entitled to 10 percent, or in this case, €17,500.

Italy is seemingly full of honest types, so be assured that should you lose a wad of cash, you stand a good chance of getting most of it back. A pensioner in Milan recently found €7,000 in a car park while a man in Palermo found €4,000 on the floor of a supermarket. In both cases they were swiftly rewarded for their honesty upon returning the cash.  

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