10 things that annoy the Brits about the Italians

After taking a look at what Italians think of the Brits, The Local has spoken to Brits living in Italy to find out what they really think of their adopted neighbours.

10 things that annoy the Brits about the Italians
Italians boast too much about football, said one Brit. Photo: Rosie Scammell/The Local

“Italians aren’t as good at football as they think they are,” said one Brit, who also trashed Italians' ability to play rugby.

Italian passion also spills over from the football pitch into other areas of life, they bemoaned, prompting heated arguments over the simplest of things.

Timekeeping is also a sore point, as the Italians keeps their polite British friends waiting. But when it comes to shutting their shops on time, Italians are said to be remarkably punctual.

Even the things that may delight some expats at first, such as Italian food culture, also became frustrating after time.  

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