Italian woman leaves €40m to the church

An Italian woman who died in August has left her entire fortune, worth an estimated €40m, to the church of the Venice Patriarchate.

Italian woman leaves €40m to the church
The Patriarchate of Venice. Photo: Bouncey2k/Wikicommons

Most of the money is tied up in 16 properties, including a manor house, owned by Anna Maria Chiap, who died aged 92 in the town of Caneva, part of the north-east province of Pordenone.

Chiap, who was originally from Vicenza, asked for the money to be donated to the poor, as well as invested in agricultural land in the area, through the Venice Patriarchate, the website, reported.

Chiap, who had a degree in agricultural science, was reported to be “passionate” about farming. Her property is scattered across Padua, Pordenone and Mantua, a city in Lombardy.

The church now has 10 years to decide whether or not to accept the donation, enough time for distance relatives, mostly living in Emilia Romagna, to stake their claim, Il Gazzettino reported.

“There are five people who could claim their share. They are relatives of the fifth degree, descended from the elderly lady’s maternal side,” the newspaper said. 

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