Most Italians feel 'holiday deprived'

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The majority of Italians feel they don't get enough holiday time. Photo: Rosie Scammell/The Local
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Italians may have a reputation for enjoying their long summer breaks at the beach, but a new survey by travel website Expedia has found that 83 percent feel "holiday deprived".

Cities across the country may feel abandoned each August, as Italians pack up their sun umbrellas and swimwear and head to the beach. But for most, this annual exodus is not enough to get them through the winter months.

Eighty-three percent of Italians believe they are “holiday deprived”, despite being given an average 28 days off a year, according to the Expedia survey released this week.

They may well feel hard done by compared to the French, who each get 30 days off a year. But even their neighbours complain they have an unfair work-life balance: ninety percent of French people said they suffered from holiday deprivation and take every day off they can.

Norwegians are most pleased with their lot, with just 17 percent feeling ‘holiday deprived’.

While Italians are offered just two days less than the French, they on average take only 20 days holiday a year. Forty-four percent put this down to bosses who are unsupportive of holidays.

The Europeans struggling to survive on a few weeks holiday should look to Asia. In Japan and South Korea, workers take just seven days off a year, while Thais take only eight.

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Americans are also more hard-done by than the Europeans, with just 10 days holiday entitlement each year.

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