Mafia boss was ‘fed alive to pigs’

A mafia boss was "fed alive to pigs" as a result of a feud with a rival clan, police in Calabria have revealed.

Mafia boss was 'fed alive to pigs'
Photo: Edsel Little/Flickr

Francesco Raccosta, who disappeared in March 2012, was severely beaten before being thrown to a drove of pigs, Il Fatto Quotidiano reported.

His fate was only recently discovered thanks to a police investigation into the southern ‘Ndrangheta mafia.

In a wiretap, police overheard 24-year-old Simone Pepe boasting about Raccosta’s gruesome end, the newspaper said.

“It was satisfying to hear his screams. Mamma mia how he screamed!…In the end I didn’t see anything…nothing remained!” Pepe said.

The murder was thought to be in revenge for Raccosta killing another mafia boss, in a feud which dates to the 1950s, Il Fatto said.

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