Woman sues father for abandoning her as child

A woman in the central Italian city of Arezzo has successfully sued her father for abandoning her as a child, thus depriving her of "both moral and material support", Italian media reported.

Woman sues father for abandoning her as child
The father will now be forced to pay €1,000 for each year of the girl’s life up until her eighteenth birthday plus an additional €500 for each subsequent year. File photo: _-0-_/Flickr

An Italian court in Mantova, northern Italy, on Tuesday ordered a father to pay thousands of euros of compensation to the daughter he abandoned over 18 years ago, Articolotre reported.

The girl was abandoned shortly after her birth, it was reported, when the father moved from Arezzo to Mantova, where he made a new life for himself and started a new family.

Despite recognizing the girl as his daughter, he never took financial or moral responsibility for her.

The girl lived with her mother, who was married to the girl’s father, and all attempts to get back in touch with her father were fruitless, according to the girl’s lawyer, Iacopo Gori.

Eighteen years on, the daughter decided to sue her father, who will now be forced to pay €1,000 for each year of the girl’s life up until her eighteenth birthday plus an additional €500 for each subsequent year of absence.

The initial request was for more than €100,000 but this amount was reduced by the judge, according to Gori.

"But the important thing is that a principle was affirmed: the right while growing up to maintain a relationship with both parents and the right to existential damages if this right is violated," said Gori. 

Abbandonata quando era neonata, fa causa al padre e la vince: avrà un risarcimento

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“The judge deemed it superfluous to hear the numerous witnesses specified by the plaintiff, given that the father has never denied the fact of never having offered support, both moral as well as material,” the lawyer added.

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Bonus asilo: How to get help with the cost of childcare in Italy

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Bonus asilo: How to get help with the cost of childcare in Italy

Although the cost of childcare in Italy is lower on average than in some European countries, it still adds up to a significant cost for working families.

Parents in Italy spend a monthly average of €303 per child for a full-time place (around ten hours a day, five days a week) at a public day nursery, or asilo nido, and an average of 324 euros a month for a place in a public kindergarten (scuola materna or scuola dell’infanzia), according to the latest available figures

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But help towards the cost of childcare is available in the form of a bonus asilo (‘nursery bonus’), which can be claimed by families of children in public daycare facilities, or in contracted private ones.

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Parents of children who will be aged three or under from January to August 2023 can claim childcare government assistance, including foster parents.

While the upper limit of 3,000 euros is only for households on the lowest incomes, there’s no upper limit, so every family is eligible to receive at least a 1,500 euro payment.

The payment applies either to nursery care costs or to private childminder fees in the case of children with health conditions that would make it unsafe for them to attend daycare with other children.

How much you can claim

The claimable amount depends on families’ economic situation, which in Italy is calculated as ISEE (Equivalent Financial Position Indicator). The following subsidies are in place:

  • Families with ISEE under 25,000 euros are entitled to an annual budget of 3,000 euros.
  • Families with ISEE between 25,001 euros and 40,000 euros can claim 2,500 euros. 
  • Families with ISEE over 40,001 euros are entitled to aid worth 1,500 euros.

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The funds apply to each child in the household that falls in the age range; so for two children under three, the amount of assistance is doubled.

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You can only claim up to the total amount of nursery or childminder fees charged for the year.

When and where to apply

The bonus asilo for the current school year must be requested by midnight on December 31st, 2023 through the INPS website.

Parents with young children in Italy can claim up to 3,000 euros in childcare support. Here’s how to go about it.