Artichoke ‘explodes’ in Italian woman’s hand

A woman in northern Italy got a shock after an artichoke she had just bought exploded, Italian media reported.

Artichoke 'explodes' in Italian woman's hand
The explosion may have been caused by fertilizer. Photo: jewel o' the desert/Flickr

The woman, from the village of Olginate, in Italy’s Lombardy region, was slicing into the artichoke at home when it is exploded, La Repubblica said on Thursday.

Rendered speechless by the explosion, she went to her husband and daughter, who decided to phone the police and the local supermarket.

The woman was not injured in the explosion, but noticed afterwards that the artichoke leaves were left damaged and burnt.

The explosion could have been caused by a chemical reaction of the fertilizer used on the artichoke, La Repubblica said.

Police have since opened an investigation, while the supermarket has taken its crop of artichokes off the shelf.

Remarkably, this is not the first incident of an exploding artichoke in Italy, with similar cases recorded in 2003 and 2008.

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