Italian delicacies foreigners can't stomach

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Casu Marzu, a cheese from Sardinia, is filled with live maggots to speed up its decomposition. Photo: Shardan/Wikimedia Commons
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Many foreigners coming to Italy cite food as one of the main attractions of the lifestyle, but not all Italian delicacies are suitable for the faint-hearted.

Alongside well-known favourites of Italian cuisine, you might well come across a few items on the menu you don't recognise, and if you're squeamish, it might be better just not to ask.

Italy's more unusual delicacies range from maggot-infested cheese to tuna sperm, and Italians don't shy away from using leftovers either - almost no animal organ is off limits.

The specialities tend to be unique to different regions, and most date back to medieval times when peasants would be forced to get inventive and eat every part of the animal to reduce waste and save money.

But the popularity of some of the recipes has endured to the present day, and some have become staples in the local diet.

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