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Top ten jobs that only exist in Italy

Top ten jobs that only exist in Italy
Florence flags photo: Shutterstock.
Italians have emigrated the world over and taken their skills with them. But despite this, some jobs can still only be done in Italy. The Local takes a look at the best and the bizarre of those very Italian careers.

From the gondoliers of Venice to the centurions on the streets of Rome, some careers are very much Made in Italy.

While many are well-known to snap-happy tourists, such as the Vatican Swiss Guards, some very Italian careers exist behind closed doors.

Visitors and Italians alike celebrate the quality of the country’s products – from olive oil to cheese – but few know of the behind-the-scenes jobs which support the industry. Training can take years and involve hammers, sharpened senses and point systems.

Whereas some Italian careers involve ideal locations and the country’s most delicious foods, in others people put their lives on the line for doing their job. The Local explores what it takes for a real Italian career.

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