Ryanair customers revolt as stranded in Rome

Ryanair customers revolt as stranded in Rome
Ryanair said it was Europe's most punctual airline in 2012. Photo: Flickr
Ryanair once boasted that it was Europe’s most punctual airline, but standards seem to be slipping after more than one hundred passengers were kept waiting for more than five hours at Rome’s Fiumicino airport on Thursday night.

They had been due to leave for the Sicilian city of Palermo at CET 9.50pm, but as the hours passed they soon reached the end of their tether and started protesting, with one woman falling sick and needing emergency care, Il Messaggero reported.

“Nobody gave us an explanation for the delay,” one passenger was quoted as saying. “All we got were constant messages saying the flight was still delayed.”

The news of the timetable setback seemed to evade the Irish low-cost airline, which reported on its website that the flight had left on time and landed safely in Palermo.

The plane eventually took off just before CET 3.00am, landing in Palermo about 40 minutes later.

This is not the first time this year that Ryanair has faced the wrath of its customers. In January, furious passengers, mostly French, looted a plane and staged a sit-in protest when their Paris-bound flight was diverted to Madrid.

They revolted against flight crew, disobeyed orders, refused to leave the plane and even looted bottles of perfume and booze.

"I am neither a robber nor a hostage taker. We were tired and annoyed by a mismanaged situation. We were thirsty, hungry, and had no information on our fate," one passenger reportedly said.

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