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How to park like an Italian

How to park like an Italian
Freestyle parking appears to be a competitive sport in Rome. Photo: Rosie Scammell
Confused by what appears to be a lawless approach to parking in Italy? Don't worry! The Local has come up with the definitive list to help you steer your way into Italian driving.

Foreigners often find themselves perplexed in Italian cities, confronted with an urban landscape that appears to have about as much order as a dodgems fairground ride.

Cars litter the roadside, often crawling up curbs or spilling haphazardly over pedestrian crossings. They cling to corners, spill out of spaces and can often be found in the most improbable places. Mopeds, too, wade into the madness, reclaiming pavements from those who unreasonably seek to stroll.

But amidst the chaos, The Local has observed some unwritten rules which govern this truly Italian phenomenon.

Parking Rome by Rosie Scammell

Double parking is a must, for example, especially at lunchtimes. Those who fear trapping another driver in are mere amateurs, unaware that those on the inside will politely seek them out if inconvenienced. This involves a veritable orchestra of horn-blowing, occasional shouting and wild gesticulation. 

For more tips, check out our gallery of how to park like an Italian.

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