Murderer flees jail using rope of knotted sheets

Murderer flees jail using rope of knotted sheets
The prisoner escaped from a jail in Palermo using knotted sheets. Photo: Portogaround/Flickr
Police have launched a manhunt after an inmate serving life for murder broke out of prison in Palermo, Sicily, on Wednesday using a rope of knotted sheets.

The 36-year-old Albanian man broke the bars of his cell at Pagliarelli prison and climbed down the wall on the rope of knotted sheets, Il Fatto Quotidiano reported.

The man, said to have a criminal history of murder, burglary and extortion, also managed to escape from prison in Parma in February last year, and was found shortly after, according to a report on Rai News.

He was transferred to the Palermo prison in March this year.

In February, two men in jail for robbery also adopted the sheets tactic, and managed to escape from prison in Rome.

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In December, two killers escaped after being granted day release.

One of them was serial killer Bartolomeo Gagliano, who is now back in prison in Genoa after being caught in southern France a few days after his escape.

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