Italy paves the way for speedy divorce

The time it takes to divorce in Italy may soon be cut from three years to just six months, following the approval this week of a new bill by the government’s Justice Commission.

Italy paves the way for speedy divorce
The divorce bill will be debated by Italy's lower house of parliament on May 26th. Divorce photo: Shutterstock

The parliamentary group agreed to cut the time for a consensual divorce to six months and a year if a conflict arises, Corriere della Sera reported on Wednesday.

The multiparty bill will go before Italy’s lower house of parliament on May 26th and, if approved, will be applied immediately, even to divorces currently going through lengthy legal proceedings.

The new law represents “a step forward in civil law that realigns us with other European countries,” Donatella Ferranti, president of the Justice Commission, was quoted in Corriere as saying.

It currently takes three years to get a divorce in Italy, one of the slowest procedures in Europe along with other predominantly Catholic countries such as Ireland, Malta and Poland, the newspaper said.

Divorce was introduced in Italy in December 1970.

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