Italian court bans miniskirts and flip-flops

The president of a court in southern Italy has become so aghast at people parading around the palace of justice "dressed indecently" that he has banned skimpy summer wear.

Italian court bans miniskirts and flip-flops
The court president banned flip-flops and skimpy clothes. Flip-flops photo: Shutterstock

In an official letter sent to the security team at the Brindisi court, President Francesco Giardino laments the “unpleasant situations” that have arisen as high temperatures has given way to plunging necklines and rising hems.

“To avoid a repeat of unpleasant situations at the entrance of the court, we inform you that entrance will not be permitted to people dressed indecently,” Giardino wrote in the letter, published on Monday by Ansa.

In the letter, the court president specifically outlaws “shorts…clothes that are excessively low-cut and/or transparent, miniskirts, flip-flops” in a bid to tackle uncouth attire.

The move should prevent any beachgoers from Brindisi, in the heel of Italy’s boot, from wandering into the courtroom unawares.

With temperatures in southern Italy frequently topping 40C during the summer months, authorities elsewhere have taken to setting citizens’ dress code. Last year, at least two Italian mayors, in Sicily and on the Amalfi Coast, banned bikinis from the town centre.

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