Baggage scam targets tourists in Florence

Baggage scam targets tourists in Florence
American, British and French tourists were named as some of the victims of the train scam. Train photo: Shutterstock
A gang at Florence's central station have been filmed scamming tourists, by offering to "help" them with their luggage and then demanding up to €20.

The video, published by Corriere della Sera, shows men and women “helping” tourists with their luggage on the high-speed trains at Santa Maria Novella station.

After kindly offering their help, the gang members then demanded up to €20 from each person.

A man filmed explaining the scam said that foreign travellers, including American, British and French tourists, were among the victims.

The filmmaker also followed three men who divided up their takings immediately after conning passengers on one of the trains.

Train staff were also shown forcing gang members off the train, with one describing the group as “thieves” who also robbed people on board.

Away from the platform, others were filmed offering to assist travellers with the multilingual ticket machines before asking for money.

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