Bad weather brings summer to an abrupt end

Bad weather brings summer to an abrupt end
Heavy rain swept across Italy on Monday. Rain photo: Shutterstock
The summer has come to an abrupt end in Italy, as bad weather sweeps across the country leaving at least one person dead and six injured.

As bad weather hit Italy’s northern Alto Adige region, a 39-year-old fireman was killed while trying to assess damage to the area around Campodazzo. Alexander Mayr was working with colleagues on Sunday night when he was hit by a landslide, Rai News reported.

With wind and rain sweeping southwards, a pregnant woman in Rome was injured when a tree branch fell on her car. A further three passengers were also injured, La Repubblica said

In Naples, two people were hurt when a piece of plaster fell on them following bad weather, while across the province the fire brigade was called around 200 times. Authorities were also brought in to deal with water flowing into neighbourhoods in the province.

Nearby in Irpinia, a family became trapped in their home when it was hit by a mudslide. Four teams from the fire service were brought in to evacuate them, Rai News said.

As authorities wrestled heavy rain in the south, snow arrived elsewhere Italy.

The Gran Sasso peak in Abruzzo, central Italy, was hit by 20cm of snowfall as temperatures on the coast below plummeted to 15C. Snow also fell in the mountains of north-east Italy in Friuli–Venezia Giulia, where yesterday the temperature was 2C at 8.00am.  

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