Italian party gets Scottish capital wrong…twice

Italian party gets Scottish capital wrong...twice
Italy's Northern League is supporting Scottish independence. Scotland photo: Shutterstock
Italy's Northern League says it feels "close to the Scots" in their battle for independence, yet the party somehow managed to confuse the Scottish capital with Hamburg...then Strasbourg in two separate press statements.

Clad in T-shirts bearing the cross of St George and the Scottish flag, Angelo Cioccia, a councillor for the anti-immigration party's Lombardy office and a delegation from Giovani Padani, a youth movement of the party, headed to Edinburgh on Thursday morning to throw their support behind the Scots seeking autonomy.

But if the press team behind the statement announcing the trip had had anything to do with booking the flights, they might have sent them to Hamburg, in Germany or Strasbourg, in France instead.

In an initial release, it was announced that Cioccia and his delegation were going to Hamburg "to follow the referendum closely", Rai News reported.

Realizing the mistake, the team wrote another release, only to make another blunder, saying the team was heading to Strasbourg.

Third-time lucky, and possibly after a Google search, the team got the Scottish capital right: Edinburgh.

The rest of the announcement, quoting Cioccia, went on to talk about Lombardy's own fight for independence.

"Lombardy has an obligation to its citizens to keep resources within its territory," he said.

He referred to a residual tax of €42 billion, which was needed to serve the needs of Lombardy residents.

"The needs of the disabled, elderly, youth, businesses, the unemployed are priorities that must no longer be ignored."

He added that the party's presence in Edinburgh on the day of the referendum was more than just a "simple participation", but a "firm sharing of the principle of autonomy".

The Scottish referendum has inspired other separatist movements in parts of Italy, including in Veneto and Sardinia.

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