‘Immigrants should be burned’: Italian politician

A Northern League politician is reportedly being investigated for hate speech, after posting an image on Facebook of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler suggesting immigrants should be set on fire and saying members of the Roma community should be drowned.

'Immigrants should be burned': Italian politician
Della Puppa is being investigated for hate speech based on the Facebook posts. Facebook image: Shutterstock

Andrea Della Puppa, Northern League (Lega Nord) secretary in Maserada, north-east Italy, posted a three-photo image in which he suggested immigrants should be burned.

The first photo is of Cecile Kyenge, Italy’s former integration minister, captioned: “Immigrants need all our warmth.”

A photo of Hitler follows, reading: “And so we’ll give it to them, for God’s sake!” An image of a soldier dousing a building in flames follows, as republished by l’Espresso.

A second post advocates killing members of the Roma community. “What do you throw to a drowning gypsy? His wife and children,” it says.

The far-right Northern League’s Luca Zaia, governor of the Veneto region, has reportedly asked Della Puppa to apologize.

He is being investigated for hate speech based on the posts, Ansa reported.

Della Puppa is not the first member of the far-right to face legal action over social media posts. Next month Donatella Galli, a former Northern League councillor, is due in court over a Facebook post in which she called on Italy’s volcanoes to wipe out southerners.

“To me, southerners are like the Jews were to Hitler, and should be placed in ovens,” she said in defending the post.

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Last summer, a Northern League councillor was banned from public office, after calling for Kyenge to be raped. Just weeks later an investigation was launched after a man in northern Italy said on Facebook that the then minister should be killed.

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