Italian police get backing for Taser gun trial-run

Italian police get backing for Taser gun trial-run
Taser guns may soon be used by Italian police as part of a trial-run. Photo: Taser gun photo: Shutterstock
Italian police may soon be able to use controversial Taser guns to diffuse violence after a parliamentary committee gave its initial backing to a trial-run on Thursday.

The justice and constitutional affairs committee approved the motion brought by Forza Italia’s Gregorio Fontana for police to use the so-called stun guns on a trial basis, and in consultation with the health ministry, La Repubblica reported.

The motion will now need to be approved by the lower house of parliament.

Taser guns cause temporary paralysis, lasting a few seconds, by using an electrical charge that disrupts signals to the brain.

While they benefit police, critics argue that they are unsafe and have, in some cases, caused injury and death.

The plans drew criticism from the Five Star Movement (M5S), which said money should instead be spent on giving police officers a pay rise rather than “on these toy guns”.

Meanwhile, members of the Left, Ecology and Freedom (SEL) party said they were afraid the guns would be used “indiscriminately”.

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