Majority of Italian women unhappy with sex life

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A quarter of men think it should be up to women to find the solution to sexual problems. Couple photo: Shutterstock
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The majority of Italian women are unsatisfied with their sex lives, often due to inadequate and sporadic relationships, a new survey has found.

Two thirds of Italian women are unhappy in bed and are less sexually satisfied than men, according to a survey by the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (Siams).

Whereas women are upfront about problems between the sheets, Italian men tend not to talk about bad sex or try to blame difficulties on their partners, the survey found.

Fifty-nine percent of women want to go with their partner to a doctor, to discuss such issues, but 75 percent of men would prefer to seek medical help alone.

A quarter of men think it should be up to women to find the solution to sexual problems, taking no responsibility.

Many men appear to be unaware that their partners’ lack of satisfaction could have anything to do with them. Whereas 57 percent of women surveyed said erectile dysfunction was an issue for them, only 22 percent of men said the same.

The findings were backed by Tommaso Cai, an urologist who specializes in male genitalia and the urinary tract.

“Men are generally sexually satisfied and are unaware that they may have a problem until it’s brought up by the woman,” he told The Local.

As a result, Cai said “men don’t think of it as a medical problem” and instead blame their partners.

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Mario Maggi, Siams president, said the survey results showed men and women have “a different awareness of sexual well-being”.

“Women today realize that a male problem could also have repercussions on their well-being and want to look for solutions,” she told Ansa.

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