Venice tourists risk €500 fine for ‘loud luggage’

Tourists to Venice could face a €500 fine if they dare wheel noisy suitcases around the watery city, under new proposals outlined on Thursday.

Venice tourists risk €500 fine for 'loud luggage'
Venetians are exempt from the new rules. Photo: Rosie Scammell

Venetians are tired of being kept awake at night by throngs of tourists, wheeling their luggage through the city’s narrow streets and over its famous bridges.

Now the city’s special commissioner, Vittorio Zappalorto, has come up with a plan to let his citizens get their 40 winks: ban the suitcases.

Under new anti-noise pollution proposals, tourists will be barred from bringing luggage with plastic or full rubber wheels to Venice. But bicycle-style tyres, made from rubber and filled with air, will be allowed, Ansa reported.

If Zapalorto’s plan gets the go ahead, tourists will be fined between €100 and €500 if they break the suitcase rule.

Venetians, however, will be free to continue to use whichever luggage they please.

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