Bra shop offers best prices for biggest busts

Bra shop offers best prices for biggest busts
The advert on Lovable's website.
UPDATED: The bigger the breast size, the bigger the discount. That’s the special offer an Italian lingerie chain gave to women to mark its 50th anniversary.

In a move intended to celebrate “curves”, the Lovable chain ran the offer over the weekend, with discounts ranging between 10 and 60 percent depending on the bra cup size, Il Mattino Di Padova reported.

There was just one catch: the customers also had to buy a pair of underwear.

The campaign, which is advertised on the company’s website, reportedly went down well at a store in the northern Italian city of Padua.

“We had many customers,” a shop assistant was quoted in Il Mattino Di Padova as saying.

“Fortunately for us, many women in Padua are curvy. So this also benefitted the buxom women economically, and not those who are as thin as toothpicks.”

A spokeswoman for Lovable told The Local that the offer, which has been run several times in the past, is intended to make women feel “proud” of their cleavage.

“In an environment where fashion reflects models who are extremely thin and with few curves, we want to help send out the opposite message, by making women proud of their cleavage,” she said, adding that the initiative also appealed to those with a “regular” size breast as they were able to receive a discount of 20 percent or over.

“Our mission is to give every woman her perfect bra, with an optimal fit, to help her feel beautiful and seductive without sacrificing comfort.”

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