Top ten 'untranslatable' Italian words

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In Italian a "Menefreghista" is someone who doesn't care and comes from the phrase "Non me ne frega" (I don't care). Photo: Shutterstock
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What’s the word for the mark left on a table by a cold glass? Oh that’s right, there’s no word in English for that - but in Italian, on the other hand…

Every language contains certain words or phrases that just can’t be translated into a single English word. And Italian is full of examples.

You’ll come across some of these words in everyday speech, while others may be used only in, say, poetry or politics. Here are ten of the most interesting so-called 'untranslatable' Italian words.

Where possible, The Local has tried to provide handy definitions to help you translate the untranslatable.

But which words have we missed? Help us build up this list by sending in your own suggestions, and we'll add them in. Either use the comments section below or email us at

Top Ten 'untranslatable' Italian words

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