Italy braces itself for an ‘early summer’

Pack away your hats, scarves and gloves: Italy is set for temperatures this weekend that are more akin to early summer.

Italy braces itself for an 'early summer'
Temperatures will reach over 20C in parts of Italy this weekend. Italian Alps photo: Shutterstock

Sunshine is forecast across the whole of the country on Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures reaching over 20C in parts of the usually cooler Alpine areas of Piedmont, La Stampa reported.

The unusual temperatures are attributed to the affects of a Foehn, a dry, warm wind that descends on the lee (downward side) of a mountain range.

Sunday will be the warmest day, with temperatures in parts of Sardinia hitting 22C, while the rest of Italy will enjoy highs of between 13C and 19C.

In the capital, the temperature is forecast to hit a high of 18C on Sunday.

But the balmy temperatures will cool off by Monday.

Other parts of Europe will also enjoy a sunny weekend, with temperatures in Austria reaching a high of 14 degrees on Saturday.

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