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Seven ways to get tongue-tied in Italian

Seven ways to get tongue-tied in Italian
One of the longest Italian words describes something which is rich in detail. Book photoShutterstock
You may have almost mastered Italian, but here at The Local we're certain you won't know the longest words in the beautiful language.

Ask an Italian what the longest word is in their language and they'll likely say “precipitevolissimevolmente” – meaning to do something in an incredibly rushed manner.

It's a tough one to get your tongue around, but there are some words that reach as many as 30 letters.

We spoke to Luigi Micarelli, teaching director at Dilit language school in Rome, to find out what the others are and what they mean.

From chatting about the constitution to complicated medical techniques, read on to learn how to impress Italians with your knowledge of the longest words in their language.

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