Dog charged 30 cents for drink at Treviso bar

Dog charged 30 cents for drink at Treviso bar
It's not such a dog's life in Treviso. Photo: Lisa Runnels
A cup of tap water for your thirsty pooch while you visit the bar? That will be 30 cents please.

Or at least that was the case at a bar in Treviso's Signori square, where in spite of record July temperatures water is not being given out for free, not even to man's best friend.

One outraged dog owner decided to share a photo of his receipt on social media showing 'dog water – 0.30' after being billed for his canine's refreshment.

The photo attracted thousands of shares and comments from Italy's largely dog-loving public in just a few hours, many of whom were amazed at the bar's barking mad behaviour.

Animal-loving news site Velvet Pets retweeted the photo, calling the charge 'scandalous'.

Corriere Della Sera reported that the bar's owners had defended themselves from criticism by claiming that the charge was not for the water, but for the service charge that took into account the paper cup it had been served in.

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