Acid-throwing mum to see baby in prison

A woman jailed in Italy for throwing acid on her ex-boyfriend will be allowed to see her baby once a day following a public outcry, according to media reports on Tuesday.

Acid-throwing mum to see baby in prison
Photo: Portungund

Martina Levato, 23, gave birth to a son in prison at the weekend but was not even allowed to hold her baby before he was taken away on the orders of a Milan prosecutor.

After a request from the mother and her partner as well as the child's grandparents, a Milan court allowed the woman to see her son once a day until a final ruling can be made.

The prosecutor who ordered the removal of the baby boy has also initiated adoption proceedings, although these will have to be approved by a family court.

Much of the extensive media comment on the subject was critical of the decision not to leave the baby with his mother, at least temporarily.

“Do reasons exist to take a mother's right to hold in her arms the creature she has just brought into the world,” asked Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Levato and her partner Alexander Boattcher, 30, are serving 14-year prison terms for throwing acid on her ex-boyfriend.

Her ex-boyfriend was left with third-degree burns and in danger of losing an eye. During her trial, prosecutors claimed Levato had planned to castrate another ex-boyfriend.

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56-year-old Italian woman has natural birth: reports

A 56-year-old woman from Treviso in Veneto has given birth without assisted fertility treatment, according to reports in the Italian press.

56-year-old Italian woman has natural birth: reports
Stock image/Depositphotos

The woman gave birth to a girl, called Beatriz, at Angelo di Mestre hospital in late December.

She also has two other daughters, aged 34 and 28 years.

The reports say the child was born naturally, with one doctor telling Corriere: “It's a record, a miracle.” 

However doubts have been cast by medics over similar reports in the past.

Only a handful of women in their 50s have fallen pregnant without fertility treatment. One of these is an Italian woman, Giovanna Cardi, who in 2010 gave birth to a baby girl, at the age of 54.

The oldest woman known to have had a child naturally was 59-year-old Dawn Brooke, from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, who had a son in 1997.