‘Robin Hood’ attempts Venice bank heist

'Robin Hood' attempts Venice bank heist
Police were called after a man claiming to be Robin Hood tried to rob a bank in Mestre, Venice. Photo: Raffaele Esposito/Flickr
“I'm Robin Hood, give me money!”. These are the words a 64-year-old man used when he attempted a bank heist in Mestre, Venice – a long way from Sherwood Forrest.

But the man's bizarre request evidently wasn't taken seriously enough by the tellers at the branch of the Carige bank, who refused to hand over the money, La Nuova Venezia reported.

“Give me €7,000 and I will share it among everyone here,” he said, but the tellers were nonplussed.

The confused bank manager then called the police – complaining that an 'unbalanced' man was 'maybe' trying to rob the bank.

While onlookers could have been forgiven for sympathizing with the altruistic thief, he clearly meant business in spite of his unorthodox approach to bank robbery.

As police arrived on the scene they managed to nab him as he attempted a getaway, and discovered that while the latter-day Robin Hood was not carrying a bow and arrow, he was carrying a replica pistol loaded with four blanks, a can of pepper spray and a knife.

The replica gun even had its red tip removed to make it seem more realistic.

The man, who has a history of firearms and public order offenses, was taken to the police station and charged with possession of an imitation firearm and attempted robbery before being released on bail. 

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