Italy looks to boost funds to combat terrorism

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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said the government would look to boost funds for security in bid to fight terrorism. Photo: Thierry Charler/AFP
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Italy is looking to increase funds for security after raising its terror alert in the wake of the Paris attacks, while Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has cooled talk of Italy launching a bombing campaign in Syria.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on Monday that the government was looking to boost funding for security in its next 'stability bill', which is currently working its way through parliament.

“If parliament wants to increase funding for security, we're ready to talk about it,” Ansa reported the Prime Minister as saying during the G20 summit in the Turkish resort of Antalya.

Within hours of the attacks in Paris, Isis supporters took to Twitter to gloat about the atrocity and claim that “London, Washington DC and Rome” are next on the list.

Economy Minister Undersecretary Pier Paolo Baretta also wrote on his website on Monday that the government was looking to provide an extra €120 million for police and intelligence forces to help them combat terrorism, on top of the €70 million already allocated. 

Asked about whether or not Italian forces would be used to engage Isis targets in Syria, Renzi again reiterated his reluctance to start a bombing campaign.

Until now, Italian forces have been present in Syria as part of a Nato coalition but have not been involved in bombing campaigns against Isis targets.

Italy is also on high alert ahead of the year-long Holy Jubilee of Mercy, which gets underway on December 8th.

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Italy’s anti-terrorism chief Giuseppe Governale said last Thursday that the threat of a terrorist attack during the event cannot be completely eliminated, despite efforts by authorities to lower the risk.

“There is constant monitoring of those people who operate clandestinely and become radicalized but this does not eliminate the risks...No one is able to eliminate them.”

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