These are the ten worst places to live in Italy

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Arsoli in Lazio. Screenshot: Google Maps
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From Rome and Bologna to Florence and Verona, there are plenty of beautiful places to live in Italy. So who in their right mind would choose to live in one of these?


Arsoli, Lazio Photo: Altoteme 

It might sound, at least to the ears of English speakers, that Arsoli is in the arse end of nowhere.

But it is, in fact, a quaint hillside town in Lazio. At least that’s what it looks like in the photo above. Neither of us have been arsed to venture there quite yet.


Clearly, life sucks in Trepalle. Photo: Google Maps

The Lombardy town where everything is bollocks. 

‘Palle’ literally means ‘balls’ or ‘bollocks’. Living in this Alpine village, however picturesque it might be, will surely suck the life out of you. It’s probably just as well then that the village is the highest in Italy, making it difficult to reach.

Aquafredda (cold water)

The water is really, really cold in Aquafredda. Photo: Google Maps

The Lombardy town where hot showers do not exist. Need we say more?

Isola Formica (ant island)

The islet of Formica. Photo: Alessio Milano

Isola Formica, the smallest of the Egadi group of islands off Sicily, has been inhabited over the centuries by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans.

But could they tolerate those pesky insects? It seems not – all that remains on the now privately-owned island today is a lighthouse, a church and a tuna fishery. Oh, and a rehab centre for drug addicts called ‘Mondo X’.


Photo: Michiel1972

Its translation into English might make you balk, but we think it could be this industrial Umbrian town’s way of keeping people out. Bastardo has “few redeeming features”, according to Wikitravel, and “is most certainly the least attractive town in Umbria”.


The Ticino: Photo: Luca Terzarolli

Where everybody has a dry, scratchy throat. Then again, the Varese town sits on the banks of the river Ticino, so there’s plenty of water.


Much to do in Pray other than repent? Screenshot: Google Maps

We can see the good and not so good reasons for living in Pray, a town in Piedmont.

On the plus side, with all that praying, your soul will be feel perpetually cleansed. On the down side, if you dare to skip prayer-time or enter the town without making the sign of the cross, you could end up with a perpetual guilt-trip.

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Pozzo dell’Inferno (hell well)

This is the road to hell. Screenshot: Google Maps

Where residents either burn, or have a hell of a time.

For those who find Pray unappealing, then go and hangout with the sinners in Pozzo dell’Inferno, hell's well. The Lazio hamlet is home to 347 people. We’re assuming their survival is founded on a pact with the devil.

Casa del Diavolo (the devil’s house)

Photo: Rowena

The Umbrian town where the devil actually lives. Enter at your own risk.

Camposanto (cemetery)

Screenshot: Camposanto

Put simply, you risk never getting out of this Emilia-Romagna town alive.

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