Find Italian a handful? Not after you watch this video

Find Italian a handful? Not after you watch this video
As if getting your tongue around the Italian language wasn’t enough, you have to get your hands around it too.

There are countless picture lists out there which endeavour to teach foreigners what Italians mean when they let their hands do the talking.

Even gesticulating male models, borrowed from the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, were used in a video a couple of years ago to bring the message home.

But the clip below of tour guide, Sergio Solazzo, teaching a group of American tourists how to communicate with their hands is by far the best lesson in Italian we’ve come across.

“There’s an entire dictionary,” he says, before imparting what a host of hand gestures – and facial expressions – mean.

The video was filmed in a restaurant and uploaded to YouTube last Friday by user Slo Bender, who wrote “Sergio, the tour guide, is a great ambassador!”

The video has generated over 220,000 views since then.

We were unable to reach Solazzo, who is regional director for the tour company, Nada’s Italy, for comment, but he is described on the company’s website as “a friendly, laid-back, funny and kind-hearted person who loves to share his extensive knowledge with visitors while never sounding arrogant.”

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