Praying Moroccans spark bomb alert on flight to Rome

A passenger on board a Rome-bound flight sparked a bomb alert – because they were suspicious about two other passengers, Moroccans, who were praying.

Praying Moroccans spark bomb alert on flight to Rome
The plane was forced to turn back to Ancona. Photo: Elliott Brown

The captain was forced to turn the flight back to Ancona, in Marche, where the jet was checked by sniffer dogs and police from Digos, Italy’s anti-terrror squad, reported.

No bomb was found and the flight left for Rome a few hours later.

This is the latest in a series of flight disruptions in recent months because of fears over passengers “looking suspicious”.

In May, two men were removed from a Rome-bound flight from the UK because a British couple thought they looked like terrorists.

A passenger was also taken off an easyJet flight in Pisa in early April after another passenger complained of “suspicious behaviour”.

On the same day, Meghary Yemane-Tesfagiorgis, from London, told Britain’s ITV news that he was the victim of racial profiling after being asked to leave an easyJet plane that was readying for take-off from Rome on March 29th because another passenger “felt uncomfortable”.