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How to decipher these odd Italian expressions

How to decipher these odd Italian expressions
Il lupo nero porta fortuna. Photo: Bruce Mckay
It is fair to say that when people visit or move to Italy, they will probably come across some typical sayings and Italian expressions that may sound completely out of context, and sometimes even slightly weird.

Italians love to express themselves in a very rich way, and famous and stereotypical examples of that are the many hand gestures that tend to characterize any Italian conversation and sometimes even substitute words altogether.

What is instead curiously unknown are the many sayings that help Italians get right to the point. If you are talking about politics or you are having a heated conversation and all of a sudden you may hear something about a lion or a crab, then you have certainly come across a typical Italian expression.

To avoid the inevitable confusion you will face in some conversations take a look at our list of top ten weird Italian expressions.  

Top ten weird Italian expressions

By Tiziana Buscemi

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