Explosives found at Naples home of Isis suspect

Italian police on Sunday arrested a man suspected of being an Isis sympathiser who was found to have a collection of home-made explosive devices and detonators.

Explosives found at Naples home of Isis suspect
The man had posted a photo of an Islamic State beheading on Facebook. Library photo: Pascal Pochard- Casabianca/AFP
Italy's interior ministry said the man, whose nationality was not given, was arrested in Castello di Cisterna in Naples after investigators monitoring the internet found a video of an Islamic State group decapitation on his Facebook page.
Police discovered weapons including three home-made mortar shells, two electronic devices for setting off explosives at a distance, 146 fuses, various detonators and a remote control, the ministry said in a statement.
Along with the Isis video, the man had posted phrases on the social networking site in support of the Camorra, the notorious Naples-based mafia syndicate.