Clashes break out at Turin migrant accommodation

Tensions between local residents and migrants living in Turin's former Olympic village erupted on Wednesday night.

Clashes break out at Turin migrant accommodation
File photo of Turin's Olympic village, where around 1000 migrants are currently housed: AFP

A group of migrants reportedly blocked the road outside their accommodation, damaging garbage cans, road signs and parked cars, late on Wednesday evening.

At around 10pm, there had been two small 'explosions' outside a betting shop close to the migrant accommodation. No one was injured by the blasts, but witnesses told Torino Repubblica that the explosions were strong enough to make the windows of houses in the area vibrate, apparently causing panic among the migrants living in the ex-Olympic village.

The cause of these explosions remains unclear, but witness reports described the explosion as either letter bombs or firecrackers, according to La Stampa.

Following the disturbance, between 100 and 300 of the migrants and refugees living in the accommodation went out onto the street, some of them reportedly shouting at local residents and causing damage.

Video footage filmed by local residents shows the migrants blocking the street and knocking over garbage cans, while local media reported that some members of the group also damaged road signs and parked cars, and threw stones and bottles. 

Firefighters and police arrived on the scene and the street was closed to traffic as they sought to calm the situation. No-one was reported to be hurt in the incident.

The city council said it was “concerned” about the violence and expressed hope that police would be able to identify those responsible as soon as possible. 

Around 1,300 migrants and refugees live in the concrete buildings originally built to house athletes when the city hosted the 2006 Olympic Games.