Police arrest drug mule colleague

The police officer was found with kilograms of hashish in his car and more at home.

Police arrest drug mule colleague
File Photo: Mario Laporta/AFP

A 54-year-old police officer in Naples was stopped and arrested for drug trafficking at a road block near Frosinone in Lazio. A team of carabinieri and police officials stopped the officer at a roadblock and found 13 kilograms of hashish in the boot of his car. The officer, Giuseppe Nunziata, was arrested and taken to Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison to await trial.

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Officers found a subsequent 8 kilograms of hashish and a further 1.5 kilograms of cocaine when they searched Nunziata’s Naples residence. More than 60 gun cartridges of various calibres were also recovered at the crooked officer’s home.

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