Italian property of the week: A stone home in undiscovered Abruzzo

Italian property of the week: A stone home in undiscovered Abruzzo
Located in an ancient village in Abruzzo, this unique stone house is the perfect place for those seeking to lose themselves in Italy's natural attractions.


The Abruzzo region is one of the most requested Italian areas for those who are searching for off-the-beaten-track destinations for retirement.

San Demetrio ne’ Vestini is a charming village close to attractions including the Stiffe caves and Sinizzo Lake, loved by locals in summer for its cool tranquility.


€275,000 or approximately $325,000/£245,000 depending on exchange rates.


Completely restored/habitable.

In pictures

It is located in the ancient village of San Giovanni, one of the seven areas that make up the town of San Demetrio ne’ Vestini. This historic property boasts a wonderful stone facade.

It was completely and finely renovated in 2011 while maintaining its original materials and architectural features. Every attention has been paid to the tiniest detail.

The property has three floors measuring about 300 square metres and many of the rooms' ceilings are vaulted. Wooden beams and tiles add character to the living room ceiling.

The stairs are in white stone and the handmade wooden doors were created by expert craftsmen of the time.

The house is the ideal retreat for sport lovers: summer or winter mountaineering, canoeing, paragliding and hang gliding are all possible nearby. More traditional, peaceful activities like walking, riding, skiing or mountain biking are available as well.

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