Nazi graffiti appears in Italian parliament toilets

Nazi graffiti appears in Italian parliament toilets
Outside Palazzo Montecitorio, Italy's lower house of parliament. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
A swastika and a Nazi slogan were found carved into a bathroom door in one of Italy's houses of parliament, swiftly earning the footnote: "P*ss off".

Alongside the Nazi symbol, a refrain from the Nazi-era military song the Panzerlied, “Es braust unser panzer” (“our tank roars”), was discovered scratched into the wooden door of one of the men's toilets in the Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, which houses the lower house of the Italian parliament.

By the time it was pictured on Monday, the graffiti was accompanied by – we assume – a later addition: “Ma vai a cagare” (roughly “fuck off”, but more toilet-themed).

The incident was quickly reported to the house speaker, Roberto Fico, and will be removed, according to Il Secolo XIX

The building is open not only to politicians but to administrative staff, journalists and others, including schoolchildren taking guided tours. 

While the graffitist may have been just an idiotic attention-seeker, Italy has seen neo-Nazis carry out a spate of stunts in recent months, including violent attacks on migrants and threats against journalists