Italian rescuers save injured potholer in two-day ‘difficult operation’

Italian rescuers save injured potholer in two-day 'difficult operation'
The rescuers' camp outside the cave. Photo: CNSAS
Italian rescue workers on Monday rescued an injured potholer trapped in a mountain cave on the border with Slovenia, officials said.

Rescuers described it as a “difficult operation”, which was concluded shortly after midday on Monday — around 12 hours later than earlier predictions.

The 33-year-old caver from Trieste in northeastern Italy fell 20 metres (65 feet) on Saturday as he explored a gallery 200 metres below the summit of Mount Canin.

Emergency services were contacted at around 4pm that day, and in total more than 100 rescuers were involved in the operation. A doctor and a nurse reached the trapped man late on Saturday.

According to the Italian press, the potholer was conscious but suffering from stomach and arm pain.

A team of specialists used explosives to enlarge a route out of the cave and enable them to get a stretcher through.

The National Alpine Rescue Corps (CNSAS), which coordinated the rescue, shared the below video of its final stage.

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