Storms forecast on east coast for Ferragosto summer holiday

Storms forecast on east coast for Ferragosto summer holiday
Photo: nejron/Depositphotos
Many Italians will be heading to the ocean for the traditional August 15th holiday but the weather hasn't read the script.

The west coast and the northern regions should remain largely dry throughout August 15th. But for beachgoers heading to the Adriatic coastline, storms and rain may be in store.

The provinces of Le Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo are set to experience storms on August 15th, known in Italian as Ferragosto, a public holiday when many families take advantage to head to the sea.

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The southern regions of Calabria and Sicily can also expect brief downpours, according to weather forecasting site Meteo Live. 

The popular beach resort town of Rimini is forecast to get 23.4mm of rain on Wednesday August 15th. The northern regions, Tuscany and the western Tyrrhenian coastline are expected to remain dry, however, except for sporadic storms in the Alpine regions. 

Ferragosto is when Roman Catholics celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven, but the holiday has its origins in Ancient Rome. The festival was introduced in 18 BCE to commemorate Emperor Augustus. 

Shops and services close across Italy for Ferragosto and roads become clogged as millions of Italians take their holidays. 

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