‘The end of the world’: fashion blogger’s €8 a pop bottled water sparks controversy

A partnership between Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni and the mineral water company Evian to sell the influencer's personalised water for €8 per bottle has aroused a mixture of anger and mirth from Italian social media commentators.

‘The end of the world’: fashion blogger’s €8 a pop bottled water sparks controversy
Chiara Ferragni on Evian’s Instagram account/Instagram

The limited edition bottles, designed by Ferragni, feature mountains beneath the stars, a star in a stream, love hearts, and water droplets, and are an “ode to the freedom and youth of the spirit” and “exude the joy for life that is the hallmark of Chiara Ferragni,” according to the bottle’s description on the website (“luxury waters”).

“…Chiara Ferragni Limited Edition Evian Water, 8€ a bottle… the end of the world is near,” joked one Twitter user who saw the bottles on sale in a shop.

Some expressed genuine indignation at the sales campaign.

“Today I saw the Chiara Ferragni limited edition Evian water bottle” wrote a woman going by the name of Stefania Stravato, who juxtaposed a photograph of the bottle with that of a family on a rubbish heap in India.

“This is an Indian woman with her children rummaging through trash in a rubbish dump near Gurwahati, in India. Yes, it’s banal to say it. But how much this world sucks.”

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Others took a more ironic approach.

“Can you buy it using universal basic income?” wrote one person, alluding to the Five Star Movement’s flagship campaign to introduce the alternative benefits system to Italy, included in the government's new budget.

“Update. The Carlo Rosati Evian bottle is out. €21.00 per bottle,” quipped twitter user Carlo Rosati, alongside a picture of a normal Evian bottle attached to a sticker with his name on.

Others defended Ferragni, pointing out that Evian water has always been expensive, and the social media influencer's fans rallied behind her.

“Given the pointless controversy about the Evian water, today I put on my Chiara Ferragni shirt, which I bought because I wanted to and which no one forced me to buy, just as is the case for you and that damn bottle” wrote one girl.

But despite the negative response to the campaign from some members of the public, the bottles' sales appeared unaffected.

Twelve packs of the bottle, going for €72.50, have already sold out on Acqua di Lusso, according to Il Messagero.