Italian expression of the day: 'Ma va' là'

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Italian expression of the day: 'Ma va' là'
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There's no way you haven't heard this expressive Italian phrase.


Ever come across something in Italy you just can't believe? In a country filled with traditions, tales and people that are sometimes (literally) incredible, the chances are that sooner or later you'll need to express your surprise – even maybe, just maybe, your scepticism.

Today's phrase can help you there: ma va' là is a way to say 'no way', 'come off it', 'pull the other one'.

It literally means 'but go there' (va' being a contraction of vai, the command form of the verb andare, 'to go') – which may not sound like much at first, until you remember that English speakers tell people we doubt to 'get out of here!' too.

– Mi hanno detto che hai vinto al lotto.
– Ma va là!
– I heard you won the lottery.
– Yeah right!


You'll also hear ma va' on its own, which is used in just the same way.

Of course, a lot depends on tone: just like 'no way' in English, ma va' là can express disbelief, denial, genuine surprise or complete lack of it.

– L'anno scorso sono andato in vacanza in Puglia.
– Ma va'! Anche io!

– Last year I went on holiday to Puglia.
– No way! Me too!

– Ho fatto una scoperta incredibile: la miglior pizza del mondo è a Napoli.
– Ma va' là... 

– I've made an incredible discovery: Naples has the best pizza in the world.
– You don't say. (Imagine saying it with an ironic eye roll.)

For more inspiration, we'll leave you with a kids' song entitled Ma Va' Là, which involves a tall tale about frogs in Vietnam going to university to learn to ribbit. Listen out for the chorus:

Ma va' là, ma va' là,
Ma dai, che storia è questa?
Ma va' là, ma va' là,
Invece, invece è la verità.

Oh come on, oh come on, 
Seriously, what's this story?
Oh come on, oh come on,
And yet, and yet it's the truth.

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[email protected] 2020/06/26 17:22
My American grandmother used to say "Oh go on!" in these circumstances, and it is in fact the exact translation!

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